Data & API Research
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Interesting Possible Sources
Project Outline

I think the project that makes the most sense to me right now would be using the Genius Lyrics API. I'm less familiar with API than I am with data and I think it would be a fun challenge for me to figure out how to correctly use queries. While the Reddit API could be fun, I think the Genius Lyrics API is more relevant to what I'm interested in and Reddit is so broad that I wouldn't know what to delve into.

With this API, I could use my p5.js project to allow the user to select or search for some of their favorite artists and see visualizations of the lyrics of their preferred music. I'm not sure if it's possible to further analyze the lyrics from there, perhaps another API can process lyrics and display the mood of them.

Goal 1: Figure out how to access the API using the API key and experiment with queries

Goal 2: Figure out search function and then multiple select function so that user can create queries

Goal 3: Create visualizations based on text processing; graphs/charts and then maybe more artsy color things

Goal 4: Make a pretty interface for user